​​The Kane County Eviction Mediation Program is coming soon.

Mediator Opportunity

If you are interested, please apply using this form before April 15. If you have any other questions, please reach out to Kevin Malone, kmalone@aboutrsi.org.​

Are you an experienced mediator who wants to learn some new skills while giving back to the community? Or are you interested in learning how to mediate and gaining valuable experience while serving some of Kane County's most vulnerable?​

If you answered yes to either question, we encourage you to apply to become a mediator for the new 16th Judicial Circuit's Mediation Eviction Program! Program mediators will help landlords and tenants work to resolve filed eviction cases through facilitated negotiation, with the aim of avoiding the need for future court intervention. Once the program is in full operation, we will expect mediators to work with landlords and tenants for approximately two half-day sessions each month, for which they will be compensated $250 per session. The exact number of mediations and compensation are subject to change based on program need and funding.

Qualified applicants will receive appropriate training services, whether they are seasoned mediators or completely new to mediation. These training services, valued up to $1600, will be provided online by the Center for Conflict Resolution cost-free thanks to a grant from the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable conflict resolution skills to expand your professional opportunities from a highly-respected provider. In exchange for receiving this training, applicants must agree to mediate for the Kane County Eviction Mediation Program. 

Due to the ongoing economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of Kane County households are at risk of being evicted from their homes. While evictions are currently being held off by a moratorium, we anticipate that in the near future the 16th Judicial Circuit Court serving Kane County will be inundated by a large number of eviction filings. Mediation can be a potent tool to avoid messy litigation and help keep families in their home by guiding parties toward compromise. However, the mediation program needs talented, dedicated mediators in order to be effective against this anticipated surge of  filings. ​