​​Court Transcripts

If you would like to order a transcript from a proceeding covered by an official court reporter of the 16th Judicial Circuit, a form may be obtained by clicking on the Order Court Transcripts​ box below. You will need to fill out the order form and submit.

You may contact the court reporter supervisor to find out the name of the reporter who took the proceeding. Please have the case number, name of the judge and date of proceeding you are requesting.​​

​​Contact Information

​Jill E. Gasparaitis
Administrator of Court Reporters

Email: transcripts@16thCircuit.IllinoisCourts.gov


Kane County Judicial Center
Court Reporting Services​
37W777 Rte #38, Room 400A
St. Charles, IL  60175

Contact Hours

Monday–Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm​

​Courthouse and Courtroom Locations

Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts – Electronic recording systems have been approved for use and installed in the 16th Circuit for the following courthouse locations:

Kane County Courthouse, Geneva, IL

Courtrooms 110, 310, 320, 340, 350

Kane County Judicial Center, St. Charles, IL

Courtrooms 005, 007

Court Reporting Services monitors the electronic recording systems and prepares transcript orders. Please note “daily copy" may not be available for courtrooms equipped with electronic recording, and a deposit may be requested before preparation.​

Method of Payment

Once notified of a transcript request, the court reporter will be in contact regarding an estimate of the cost for preparation and arrangements for pickup.  If you would like a transcript in an electronic form (PDF), the transcript will be emailed to you once payment is received.  Payment may be made by cash or check.  If paying by check, please issue the check to the name of the court reporter.  Please note: A deposit delivered to the address above may be required prior to beginning the transcript preparation. 

Transcript Rates

In accordance with Section 5 of the Court Reporters Act (705 ILCS 70/5​), the Uniform Schedule of Charges for Transcripts of evidence and proceedings are as follows:

Original* $4.00/page

Private Copy $2.50/page

Gov't. Copy $0.50/page

Expedited Original** $4.75/page

Private Copy $3.00/page

Gov't. Copy $.50/page

Daily Orig.*** $5.50/page

Private Copy $3.50/page

Gov't. Copy $0.75/page​

Original*; delivery up to 3 weeks.  Expedited Orig.**; delivery in more than 24 hours, less than 7 days of transcript request.  Daily Orig.***; delivery within 24 hours of the transcript request. Please note “daily” may not be possible for proceedings heard in a courtroom covered by electronic recording.