​Local Court Rules

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I. Administration of the Court

Article 1: General Powers 

1.00: Powers of the Court to Adopt Rules
1.01: General Rules
1.02: Divisions of Court
1.03: Place and Hours of Holding Court
1.04: Guidelines for Court Personnel in Assisting Self-Represented Litigants
1.05: Selection of a Chief Judge
1.06: Authority of the Chief Judge
1.07: Procedure for Selection of the Office of Associate Judge
1.08: Authority of Presiding Judges
1.09: Judges Meetings
1.10: Assignment of Cases
1.11: Photographing, Recording, Broadcasting, or Televising Courtroom Proceedings in or Near Courtrooms
1.12: Extended Media Coverage​ Extended Media Coverage Packet 

​1.13: Judicial Review of Local Electoral Board Decisions
1.14: Selection of Public Defender
1.15: Court Reporting Services Transcript Order Form ​

1.16: Portable Electronic Devices, Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, and Other Electronic Devices​

1.17: Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Remote Appearances and Procedures​

Article 2: Clerk of the Circuit Court 

2.00: Office of the Circuit Clerk
2.01: Acceptable Format and Payment of Court Filings
2.02: Documents (Physical Hard Copy)
2.03: Recordkeeping
2.04: Acceptable Court Filings
2.05: Removal of Documents Filed 
2.06: Copies of Documents Filed​

​ ​2​​.07: Application For Waiver of Court Fees​​ ​

2.08: Judge’s Notes​

2.09: Maintaining Daily Court Call Sheets
2.10: Pro Hoc Vice​​

Article 2A: Administration of the Court E-Filing

​2A.01: Designation of Electronic Filing Case Types
2A.02: Definitions
2A.03: Authorized Users
2A.04: Method of Filing
2A.05: Filing of Exhibits
2A.06: Maintenance of Original Documents
2A.07: Privacy Issues
2A.08: Format of Documents
2A.09: Signatures and Authentication
2A.10: Time of Filing, Acceptance by the Clerk and Electronic Filing Stamp
2A.11: Electronic Service and Filing Proof of Service
2A.12: Collection of Fees
2A.13: System or User Errors
2A.14: Vendor Conditions

Article 3: Sheriff

3.00: Additional Deputies
3.01: Courthouse Environs 

Article 4: Jury Commission and Jurors

4.00: Selection of Jury Commission
4.01: Duties of Jury Commissioners and Assistants
4.02: Compensation of Jury Commissioner
4.03: Compensation of Jurors
4.04: Failure to Respond to Jury Summons
4.05: Jury Services at Coroner’s Inquest
4.06: Sealing of Juror Related Court Documents

Article 5: Mandatory Residential Foreclosure Mediation ProgramRepealed and reserved per General Order 23-09​​, effective April 17, 2023

II. Civil Proceedings

*see also Administrative Orders 

A. Law Division, Law Medium, Small Claims​ 

Article 6: Provisions Applicable to all Civil Division Cases

6.00: Applicability of Rules
6.01: Courtroom and Case Assignments
6.02: Civil Division Administration
6.03: Appearances, Time to Plead, Withdrawal
6.04: Assignment of Cases following Voluntary Dismissal
6.05: Motions for Substitution of Judge
6.06: Motions for Consolidation of Cases
6.07: Clerk’s Notice: Dismissal for Want of Prosecution
6.08: Dismissal for Lack of Activity
6.09: Pleadings to be Readily Comprehensible
6.10: Motions Generally
6.11: Particular Motions
6.12: Contested Motions
6.13: Emergency Motions and Emergency Relief
6.14: Petitions for Pleadings under Special Circumstances
6.15: Telephonic Court Proceedings Repealed and reserved per General Order 23-07​, effective April 3, 2023
6.16: Case Management Conferences
6.17: Default Judgments; Dismissals for Want of Prosecution
6.18: General Provisions of Discovery
6.19: Filing of Discovery Documents
6.20: Motions Relating to Discovery
6.21: Physician and Expert Fees
6.22: Settlement Conference
6.23: Final Pre-Trial Conference
6.24: Trials
6.25: Post-Trial Motions and Supplemental Proceedings to Enforce Judgments
6.26: Rules to Show Cause
6.27: Orders for Body Attachment
6.28: Receivers

Article 7: Settlements and Judgments Involving Proceeds for Minors and Wards

7.00: Applicability of Rules
7.01: Authorized Personal Representatives
7.02: Probate Petition May Be Required
7.03: Bond
7.04: Notice
7.05: Petition Requirements
7.06: Appointment of Guardian AD LITEM
7.07: Attorney Fees
7.08: Hearing on Petition
7.09: Order Approving Settlement of Ward’s Case
7.10: Settlement of Smaller Cases, Direct Distribution Discretionary
7.11: Judgments: Minors, Wards and Disabled Persons
7.12: Petition for Withdrawal of Minor’s Funds
Article 8: Probate Proceedings

8.00: Applicability of Rules
8.01: Supplemental Proceedings in Probate
8.02: Change in Distributive Rights
8.03: Proof and Declaration of Heirship
8.04: Admission of Will to Probate: Letters of Administration
8.05: Deposition of Witness to a Will
8.06: Bonds
8.07: Bonds: Personal Sureties
8.08: Excuse of Surety on Guardian’s Bond in Cash Deposits
8.09: Surety Companies
8.10: Inventories
8.11: Periodic Accounting Supervised Administration & Guardianships
8.12: Notice of hearing on Accounts
8.13: Guardians AD LITEM and Appointed Counsel in Probate
8.14: Distribution
8.15: Alternative Distribution to Resident of Foreign Country
8.16: Assignment of Interest: Power of Attorney
8.17: Relating to Testamentary Trusts
8.18: Withdrawal of Funds and Termination of Small Estates of Wards
8.19: Investment by Guardian
8.20: Claims
8.21: Resignation or Removal of Representative
8.22: Allowance of Fees
8.23: Withdrawal of Deposit with County Treasurer
8.24: Jury Demands
8.25: Wrongful Death Actions
8.26: Estate Filings by Mail
8.27: Transfer to Family Division: Child Custody, Child Support, or Child Visitation Dispute
Article 9: Small Claims and Evictions

9.00: Applicability of Rules
9.01: Form of Summons and Complaint
9.02: Scheduling Returns, Citations, Motions, Arbitrations, and Trials
9.03: Jury Demands in Small Claims
9.04: Motions and Orders
9.05: Appearance and Answer
9.06: Default
9.07: Small Claims: Discovery; Filing of Counterclaims, Crossclaims, Intervenor Suits and Third Party Complaints
9.08: Continuances
9.09: Service of Summons, Citations

Article 9a: Eviction Mediation Program

9A:00: Purpose of Eviction Mediation Process
9A:01: Authority for Program​
9A:02: Actions Eligible for Mediation
9A:03: Program Staff​
9A:04: Mediation Procedure
9A:05: Qualification, Appointment, and Compensation of Mediators
9A:06: Discovery
9A:07: Confidentiality
9A:08: Immunity
9A:09: Language Access
9A:10: Reports​ ​

​ Article 10: Civil Case Mediation Program 

10.00: Applicability of Rules
10.01: Purpose of the Mediation Program
10.02: Actions Eligible for Court Ordered Mediation
10.03: Qualifications and Certification of Mediators
10.04: Conflicts of Interest and Professional Conduct of Mediators
10.05: Removal of Mediators
10.06: Disqualification of a Mediator
10.07: Compensation of Mediators
10.08: Order of Referral to Mediation
10.09: Procedure following Entry of Order of Referral to Court Ordered Mediation
10.10: Attendance at a Mediation Conference
10.11: Settlement Prior to Mediation Conference
10.12: Termination of Mediation
10.13: Report of Mediator
10.14: Confidentiality of Communications
10.15: Immunity
10.16: Discovery
10.17: Mechanism for Reporting

Civil Case Mediator Application

Article 11: Mandatory Arbitration

11.00: Applicability of Rules
11.01: Civil Actions Subject to Mandatory Arbitration
11.02: Appointment, Qualification and Compensation of Arbitrators
11.03: Scheduling of Hearings
11.04: Discovery
11.05: Conduct of the Hearings
11.06: Award and Judgment on Award
11.07: Rejection of Award
11.08: Location of Hearings
11.09: Forms
11.10: Administration of Mandatory Arbitration
Article 12: RESERVED 
Article 13: RESERVED

III. Family 

*see also Standing Orders and ​ Administrative Orders

Article 14: Family 

14.00: General
14.01: Assignment of Cases

14.02: Setting of Cases on Court Calls (See Post-Decree Judicial Assignment List Addendum LCR 14.02)

14.03: Pleadings, Motions and Courtesy Copies

14.04: Emergency Matters

14.05: Non-Emergency Matters
14.06: Orders of Protection
14.07: Indirect Civil Contempt
14.08: Enforcement of Allocated Parenting Time
14.09: Default
14.10: Prove-Up Hearings
14.11: Financial Affidavit / Discovery Rules
14.12: Affidavits of Income and Expenses Form
14.13: Settlement Conferences
14.14: Setting of Trial Status Date and Trial 
14.15: Attorney's Fees
14.16: Family Mediation Program

14.16A: Parenting Coordinator (Illinois Supreme Court Rule 909)
14.17: Kids 1st Mandatory Parenting Education Program 
14.18: Guardians Ad Litem, Attorneys for Children and Child’s Representatives
14.19: Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Fees​​

IV Juvenile Proceedings 

Article 15: General Provisions

15.00: Purpose and Policy
15.01: Juvenile Court Judges
15.02: Substitution of Judges
15.03: Release of Confidential Information
15.04: Expungements
15.05: Interstate Compact on Juveniles
15.06: Filing of Petitions
15.07: Appointment of Counsel
15.08: Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)
15.09: Attendance at Hearings
Article 16: Abuse, Neglect and Dependency

16.00: Pre-Hearing Conference
16.01: Discovery
16.02: Scheduling
16.03: Child Protection Mediation
Article 17: Delinquency

17.00: Secure Custody and Detention of Minors
17.01: Discovery in Delinquency Proceedings
17.02: Scheduling
Article 18: Adoptions

18.00: Petitions
18.01: Termination of Parental Rights by Default
18.02: Consents
18.03: Adoption of Foreign-Born Children
18.04: Scheduling
18.05: Notifications
18.06: Confidential Intermediaries

V. Criminal Proceedings

​*See also Administrative Orders ​

Article 19: General

19.00: Applicability of Rules
19.01: Courtrooms, Case and Trial Call Assignments
19.02: Consolidation of Offenses
19.03: Substitution of Judge
19.04: Specialty Courts
19.05: Appointed Counsel
19.07: Petitions to Expunge Records of Arrest

 Article 20: Felonies

20.00: Procedure for Disclosure and Filing of Pre-Sentence Reports

Article 21: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

​21.00: Applicability
21.01: Distribution of DUI Evaluation Reports
21.02: Transdermal Alcohol Monitors
21.03: Scheduling of Cases

Article 22: Traffic and Ordinance Violations​

22.00: Applicability
22.01: Jury Demands
2​2.02: Insufficient Payments 

Article 23: Kane County Drug Rehabilitation Court Rules and Procedures

23.00: Mission
23.01: Ethical Considerations
23.02: Definitions
23.03: Eligibility
23.04: Procedure
23.05: Substance Abuse Treatment
23.06: Violations, Sanctions, Termination, Discharge  

Administrative Orders

Standing Orders​

General Orders​

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