​​​​​​​Residential Foreclosure Mediation Program

Required Documents

The Foreclosure Mediation Program can assist Homeowners in foreclosure and is available at no additional cost to all Homeowners who file an Appearance in a new foreclosure case filed on or after January 1, 2014.

You must file your Appearance with the Clerk of the Circuit Clerk​ before your Pre-Screening deadline. You can download a PDF version of the Appearance Form below:

There is a filing fee for an Appearance, but if believe you are unable to pay​ the fees, costs, and charges, you may ask the court to allow you to proceed without paying them. You can download a PDF version of the Waiver of Court Fees Form below:

Failure to comply may result in early termination from the mediation process. Your case will proceed in court and a judgment may be entered against you.

Once you have filed your Appearance, this Program can help you communicate with your lender in an efficient manner. You can speed up the loan modification process by gathering the financial documents listed below: 

  • Most recent bills and statements for all expenses including utility bills
  • Last 60 days of pay stubs for all employment and income sources for all persons over the age of eighteen residing on the property (For any public assistance please include a copy of benefits statement)
  • Last two years of signed tax returns and W-2/1099
  • Last two months of all current bank statements with account number and monthly transactions
  • If self-employed have your most recent personal/business bank statements and include the most recent quarterly Profit and Loss statement
  • Copy of most recent mortgage statement
Download a PDF version of these documents:

You also may need the following documents to apply for a loan modification:

If you have any questions about documentation refer to the following:

You must complete the Homeowner's Questionnaire and Checklist you received with your Summons and Complaint. Bring this form with you to your Pre-Screening Meeting. Contact the Program Coordinator for resources to assist you with document preparation or call a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency near you.

If you have been assigned a HUD counselor or would like more information on any of our HUD partners, please refer to the following Intake Packets:

Please contact your assigned HUD counseling agency within 7 days of your phone intake with the Mediation Program staff. This will help you meet your Pre-Screening deadline.