​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kane County Courts

Kane County Courts are made up of five divisions: Civil, Family, Felony, Juvenile, and Misdemeanor/Traffic. In-person cases are heard in different Courthouses​ within Kane County. ​ Remote cases are heard on Zoom by using a phone or computer. 

These are the ways to find out if your case is on Zoom or in person:

  • ​Go to ​All Judges' Zoom and In-person Schedules​ to find out your judge's Zoom and in-person court schedule
  • Check on our Streaming Directory​Pick Join Hearing for the courtroom you are in. A menu will drop down to see your Judge's in-person and Zoom schedule
  • Call the Kane County Circuit Clerk at 630-232-3413
  • Call the Kane County Law Library for assistance at 630-406-7126.

To find out if your case is being held in-person or on Zoom, go to kanecourt.org​

Civil​ Division​

Eviction Court


Small Claims


  • ​Arbitration Center All civil actions exclusively for money damages that are filed in an amount exceeding $10,000.00, but not greater than $50,000.00, are automatically assigned to non-binding mandatory arbitration. Contact the Arbitration Administrator at 630-232-3437. 

Family Division

Includes cases such as Divorce, Child Support, Allocation of Parental Responsibility (Custody) cases​

Felony Division

The Division presides over criminal jury trials consisting of first degree murder, predatory criminal sexual assault, home invasion, and aggravated domestic battery​. 

Juvenile Division

The Division hears juvenile abuse, neglect and dependency cases (A/N), juvenile delinquency (JD) cases, agency and private adoption cases (AD), and a limited number of guardianship (P) matters. There are currently two judges assigned to hear Juvenile Division cases.​

Misdemeanor/Traffic Division

The Division consists of five courtrooms housed among four different buildings across the county and handles criminal offenses as well as traffic and ordinance violations including Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI), Ordinance Violations, and Traffic Offenses.​